Former Executive Director Being Investigated for Larceny at Senior Center

A former executive director is under investigation for stealing funds from the Derby Senior Center.

No charges have been filed and Derby Police have not yet made an arrest but NBC Connecticut obtained court documents showing Sarah Muoio is the focus of a second-degree larceny investigation.

A search warrant lists the items police seized from her Milford home, including a Baxton white queen-size bed, a carpet sample and eight used paint cans.

City officials contacted police in February after an audit discovered discrepancies in the center’s financial records dating back to 2011, according to court documents. 

One detective wrote he received, “information that Sarah Muoio had used the DSC Webster Bank accounts to purchase personal items on numerous occasions.”

NBC Connecticut tried knocking on Muoio's door to see if she had any comment, but nobody answered. Her attorney was out of the office and has yet to respond to an email.

In the days leading up to Muoio’s termination, a senior administrative assistant said she Muoio missed work for personal reasons. 

Then on the day Mayor Anita Duggato fired her in January, that assistant told police Muoio gave her three filed folders and told her, “hide them and then asked her to “shred” the contents.”

Instead, she reported this to the mayor’s office.

The Senior Center’s treasurer told police they should have $28 thousand in a savings account, but the detective wrote the, “account shows an actual balance of $15,559.44.”

The court documents say there were more than, “200 questionable transactions” from the DCS account for more than $21,700.

Detectives also searched two of Muoio’s computers and a bank account.

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