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Former FBI Director James Comey Speaks at UConn

Former FBI Director James Comey addressed a packed room at UConn on Monday night. He talked about how he found out he’d been fired, decisions made regarding the Clinton emails, and his interactions with three very different presidents.

Students say his talk gave them a different view of a man at the center of so much news and that they came to listen and make up their own mind on who Comey, a man whose angered both Republicans and Democrats, is.

“This humanized him for me,” said UConn student Michael Aisevbonaye. “As a 17-year-old male in college, I don’t get to meet many people of his stature, and he seemed larger than life. This changed that for me.”

Comey touched on the Mueller investigation, Russian interference in the election, and gave some of his thoughts on President Trump, who has been a very vocal critic of the former FBI Director. Comey mainly focused on leadership, saying it’s about kindness and toughness along with the confidence and humility. He spoke of ethical leadership, saying it’s not about the decisions, it’s about the way you make decisions.

“His take on leadership tonight was very eye-opening for me,” said UConn student Damani Douglas.

“Saying that no employee is small and everyone is making a difference, that’s what really hit me,” said UConn student Shauna Wilson.

Comey says he will never run for public office. He plans to continue teaching and hopes to write another book, this time with his wife, focusing on nontraditional families.

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