81-Year-Old Singer Recovering From COVID-19 Complications

A West Haven man and his family are celebrating after the 81-year-old recovered from COVID-19 complications.

Marty Ganter developed complications back in March and has been battling against the virus for almost four months. Complications from the virus left the former lead singer of the 50s band The Academics needing both a ventilator and a feeding tube.

"His condition was changing sometimes hour to hour," said Sheri Ganter, Ganter's daughter. "We were very scared and emotional."

Ganter's up and down battle against the virus also led to an internal bleeding episode which left him unable to walk

Nevertheless, Ganter's grit and determination along with the help of physical therapy led to signs of progress.

"We were working to strengthen his legs and his arms to get him back to all things that he wanted to do," said Abby Gulotta, a physical therapist with Gaylord Speciality Health Care.

Ganter has leaned on his daughter and wife's support to help him get back on his feet as well as his love for singing.

"It's so gratifying that people care that much," said Ganter. "Thank God I'm still here from what I understand, I almost didn't make it."

Ganter and his family say they're looking forward to recovery and August 30, when Marty will walk his daughter down the aisle to get married.

"I'm thankful for that and to see her by happy," he said.

"It's a celebration for the wedding and it's also a celebration for our entire family," said Sheri Ganter.

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