Former Yale Basketball Captain Files Complaint Against School Over Expulsion

Former Yale basketball captain Jack Montague has filed a complaint against the school over being expelled in February following a sexual assault allegation, according to the law firm representing him.

A statement his attorney issued in March said Montague had a consensual relationship with the woman who accused him of assaulting her.

He said the dispute is about the last of four sexual encounters, which occurred in October 2014. According to the lawyer, the woman claims she didn't consent to sex but Montague says she did.

His attorney said he believes Montague was made a "whipping boy" following a report on sexual assault by the Association of American Universities, which was critical of the school.

Montague was scheduled to graduate in May with a degree in American Studies.

"The lawsuit is factually inaccurate and legally baseless, and Yale will offer a vigorous defense," officials from Yale said in a statement.

"Yale always respects the privacy and confidentiality of all students involved in a disciplinary process. Yale’s procedures for addressing allegations of sexual misconduct are thorough and fair. Allegations are investigated by an impartial fact finder, heard by five trained members of the Yale community, and decided by the accused student’s dean. Throughout the process, all parties have advisors, which can be legal counsel, and they can appeal a decision," the statement goes on to say.

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