Holiday Weekend Begins With Furlough Friday

55 Thousand State Workers Get 4 Day Holiday Weekend

In a cost-cutting move by the state government, thousands of state workers are getting a four-day weekend. 

The extra-long holiday weekend comes at a cost for the rest of us. Some services with be unavailable from late Thursday until Tuesday morning.

It will cost the employees too. Friday is an unpaid furlough day for most of the 55,000 state workers. It's supposed to save the state $10.5 million.

Some key agencies won't even open up for the day. The Department of Motor Vehicles, the Attorney General's Office, the Department of Environmental Protection and several other state agencies will be closed from Friday until Tuesday.

However, state parks will be open for the start of the summer and the Memorial Day weekend.

A spokesman for the governor said crucial public services, such as prisons, State Police and state-run residential facilities will be open on Friday and throughout the weekend.

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