Get Your Gelato Here! West Hartford Considers Carts

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Sidewalk food carts are considered a staple in many cities and they could be coming to West Hartford this summer.

The proposal, according to the Hartford Courant, is called the "gelato" ordinance. It gets that name because an Italian restaurant looking to sell frozen Italian ice cream prompted the discussion. 

The plan for downtown West Hartford would limit the number of sidewalk carts to three and would only allow permitted town restaurants to apply for a food cart so you won't likely see the variety that a recent New York Times article highlighted in New Haven

"I'm really sensitive about unfair competition," town council member Joseph Verrengia said last week when a town council subcommittee reviewed the proposal. 

Town officials say they are trying to draft an ordinance that would keep downtown businesses from being hurt.

But that isn't the only proposed rule. 

Deputy Corporation Counsel Patrick Alair said the carts will only be allowed on public portions of the sidewalks, will have strict hours of operation and must comply with all public health regulations for food safety. 

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