Glastonbury Residents Petition for Traffic-Calming Measures on Tryon Street

More than 35 residents have signed a letter asking the town of Glastonbury to install "traffic calming" features along Tryon Street.

The long road snakes along the Connecticut River through the historic Nayaug section to the ferry landing and is growing in popularity among both residents and visitors.

"We've been here three years and in three years we've noticed a lot more traffic then when we came here," said Jerry Lapin, who lives off of Tryon Street.

While speeding is the primary concern, the road itself is very busy with hazardous bumps, dips and poor visibility. Lapin's concerns are growing as winter quickly approaches.

"It's getting to be very dangerous with curves and the very narrow road and come winter time with the ice and the snow it gets pretty challenging," Lapin said.

Glastonbury Town Manager Richard Johnson said the Glastonbury traffic unit has been along the street the past two months and a "speed monitor awareness system" that tracks the speed of passing cars has been added to a sign, but that they're still looking into other safety options.

When asked to describe the conditions along Tryon Street in one word, Lapin said, "Challenging."

Residents are asking for speed bumps and sidewalks to be installed. They would also like to see the road widened in places and trees trimmed for better sight lines.

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