Glastonbury Schools Add Security

Entries that weren't locked three weeks ago are locked now at public schools in Glastonbury, and more enhancements to security are in the works, according to the superintendent of schools.

"Security is something you want to keep quiet," said Alan Bookman, declining an on-camera interview.

He said the board of education will meet with the Glastonbury Town Council for "financial support" for measures he wants taken after the Dec. 14 murder of 20 students and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

Bookman said he doesn't want to wait until September to review who's coming into the schools and to post guards.  He wouldn't say whether guards would be armed.

Reaction from parents was positive. 

"Kids' safety is obviously the utmost priority," said Derek Januario. "I've got three kids at Hebron Avenue Elementary School, so anything that would increase their safety'd be fine with me."

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