governor ned lamont

Gov. Lamont Announces Agenda For Special Session

governor Ned Lamont
NBC Connecticut

Gov. Ned Lamont said Friday there are four areas he wants the General Assembly to address during a special session next week.

The governor wants the legislature to make it easier for absentee ballots to be processed and counted. A proposed bill would allow town registrars to begin processing absentee ballots the Friday before Election Day. The ballots themselves would still be counted on Election Day.

Lamont also said lawmakers would take up an energy bill to set goals for a performance-based regulatory system for the state's utility companies.

The final two issues include money for school construction and a bill regarding the Transfer Act. The bill to update the Transfer Act would take the state out of the process of property transfers involving Brownfield sites.

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano held a news conference on Monday afternoon and said lawmakers do not have the language of some of the bills to be discussed and added that there are “fundamental problems” with some of the bills.

Fasano said there are good intentions for the bills, but rushing leads to mistakes.

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