No Head Start for 1,200 Bridgeport Kids After Shutdown

With the government shutdown still in effect, an abundance of businesses have been forced to shut their doors.

Many child care centers like Action for Bridgeport Community Development or ABCD will no longer be able to offer services to the community.

On Tuesday, 1,200 children in Bridgeport had nowhere to go to class because Head Start was forced to close all facilities nationwide.

“They just started school,” said Geraldine Bryant, whose twin sons attended ABCD. “They were enjoying it, just getting used to the teachers and everything so it definitely affects them.”

Head Start, a federal program, provides child care and education for low income families.

“These are folks that don't make a lot of money but they do go to work every day and they have to have a place to keep their children and the head start program provides them with that,” said ABCD deputy director Bill Bevacqua.

And not only will the children be without care, but more than 300 teachers might be out of a job.

The state also told ABCD there will be no funds flowing until congress comes to an agreement.

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