Grafitti-ing with Noah Webster

You'll still have to pay, but at least it won't be a fine

When Noah Webster published his very first dictionary in 1828 it’s a safe bet that the word “graffiti” was nowhere to be seen.

Well, times have certainly changed since then, and now, more than 180 year later, the Noah Webster House in West Hartford is actually encouraging the modern art form.

The Noah Webster House and West Hartford Historical society have teamed up to create  the “Make Your Mark” campaign in order to give the desks and benches inside an authentic, 18th century old-schoolhouse look.

You might not get paddled for carving graffiti like you would have in those times, but it will cost you.

One 3 by 4 inch square of carving space will cost you $50 and a 4 by 6 inch square is $75.

All of the donations from the campaign will support the museum’s educational programming, including in-school programs and field trips to the museum for underprivileged students in the Greater Hartford area

So mark away folks, and help preserve a piece of national and local history.

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