Guns for Gift Cards in Hartford

Cops will use money to persude people to turn in guns and get them off the street.

Authorities in Hartford will exchange gift cards for guns Saturday.

Police hope to add to the 170 guns collected during the last two annual swaps.  Most of the firearms taken in were handguns.

"Most bad guys," said Police Chief Daryl Roberts, "they don't walk around with rifles, 'cause rifles you see 'em.  They're obvious.  We want to get the handguns.  Handguns are easily used by young people as well."

Hospital foundations are providing the Walmart giftcards, worth $75 for a working handgun, $25 for a rifle or shotgun. 

Dr. David Shapiro, trauma surgeon at St. Francis Hospital, said, "This event alone doesn't make a difference in the number of patients I see but what it does do is - even if it prevents just one person from being injured, one intruder from coming in a house and finding a weapon and stealing it, one child picking up a gun and shooting himself - that's enough."

The exchange will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3 at Community Renewal Team at 555 Windsor Avenue in Hartford.

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