Hamden Councilman Developing Town-Wide Plastic Bag and Straw Ban

Hamden Legislative Councilman Brad Macdowall (D) is working on a proposal to ban plastic bags and straws in the town. 

A ban would benefit the environment and save the town money when it comes to keeping parks clean, such as the canal line trail, Macdowall told NBC Connecticut Monday. He said he is working with the local business community to develop the ordinance that would come with an adjustment phase before the ban takes effect. 

On Whitney Avenue, Thyme and Season market has already stopped bagging groceries in plastic. Co-owner Josh Elliott said there have been no complaints from customers. 

“Most people haven’t even noticed actually,” Elliott said. “We’re doing straight paper bags right now but we do sell renewable bags that people can use when they just come in.” 

Instead of traditional plastic bags for fruits and vegetables, Thyme and Season is offering customers a reusable cotton produce bag. 

Elliott’s family business is also phasing out plastic straws. 

“Back in the day they had paper straws,” Susan Pomarico, a customer from Hamden, said. She told NBC Connecticut she likes the idea of a town-wide plastic bag and straw ban. 

“I think there’s too much plastic and it’s all over the place,” she said. “I like paper. Paper is easier to use and it’s better to dispose of. 

Two-thirds of the Hamden legislative council would need to approve the proposal for it to become law. 

“Hopefully, you know things start in the municipal level and then if it’s successful, then hopefully other municipalities can follow and then maybe we can do it in the state level, too,” said Elliott, who is also a Democratic State Representative from Hamden. 

Westport, Greenwich and Stamford are considering similar proposals. 

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