Hamden Police Warn of Homes Being Burglarized

Neighbors are on edge in Hamden after a pair of night-time burglaries.

Police said during both people were sleeping as someone slipped inside the homes.

While Meghan Casey and Mika Mustonen slept Tuesday night, police said someone went to work at their home on Westcott Road in Hamden.

“I didn’t notice anything until the morning when we got up,” said Casey.

The couple said the first clue something was wrong was when they noticed a window screen had been pushed open.

Then they couldn’t find items including a cell phone.

“My computer was gone too and it was sort of a lightning strike, all the pieces coming together,” said Casey.

During the same early morning hours, police said a burglar struck on nearby Lillibridge Court.

At that home the thief swiped electronics, credit cards and even a car.

Police said during both burglaries the plan seemed to be similar: climb through an unlocked window, while people slept.

“Glad we didn’t get up in the night and walk into the living room,” said Casey.

The couple said they’re not hopeful about getting their stuff back and they’re upping security.

“Now we are better prepared,” said Mika Mustonen, Hamden.

After a rash of home break-in’s recently in Branford, police warned people to secure windows especially on the ground floor or ones with air conditions.

That advice is now hitting home for people in Hamden after what happened here.

“A little scary but you know, we’ll keep everything locked,” said Dan Zarnik, Hamden.

Anyone with information about any of the crimes is asked to call police.

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