Hardware Stores Feel Rush of Shoppers Prior to Potential Storm

The rush has already begun at some hardware stores as people prepare for the potential snow storm that could hit Connecticut.

Butler Equipment in West Hartford has had continuous traffic coming into the store. Many calls coming in are people wanting to service their snow blowers.

"My snow thrower: I got checked it out and it won’t start, so I brought it in to get tuned up and repaired," said John Stevenson of Farmington. 

However, employees recommend you should’ve brought your snow blower in for service months ago considering Connecticut usually sees its first bout of winter weather well before late January.

"A lot of people calling service-wise –‘Hey, can you get my snow blower fixed before the weekend’ and we ask them ‘where were you in October?’" said Steve Miller with Butler Equipment.  "Some people are going to be resorting to shoveling," Miller said.

People have also been buying shovels and salt. Others say they prepared months ago.

"Six snow blowers, three plow trucks, five guys… ready to go! Just waiting for something to happen!" said Joe Cavanaugh.

Store owners recommend you check all of your equipment as soon as possible so you’re not one of those people who gets stuck in the snow.

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