Senate Goes for Vote on Koh

A petition for cloture pushes nomination forward.

It took three months, but Harold Koh’s nomination to the U.S. State Department is moving forward.

The Senate voted Wednesday, 65-31, to invoke a cloture on the nomination, the Yale Daily News reports.

Simply stated, a cloture means closure. It’s a parliamentary procedure to end debate and get the voting started.

Conservatives have opposed President Barack Obama’s nomination of the former dean of the Yale Law School because of his views on international law.

“If we adopt Mr. Koh’s argument about conforming to international norms, including stricter gun control, it may bring us more in line with some other countries but it certainly would not be in keeping with the interpretation of the U.S. Supreme Court with respect to that second amendment,” Minority Whip Jon Kyl , R-Ariz., told Congressional Quarterly after the cloture vote.

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