Hartford Police Adds 150 New Body Cameras; All Officers Now With Body Cams

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The city of Hartford has now provided body cameras to all its police officers.

The police department announced Tuesday it has rolled out 150 new body cameras, which supplement the 325 cameras that were rolled out in 2019.

The department launched its body camera program in 2019.

“Body-worn cameras are a tool to strengthen transparency and accountability,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin at the time the program began.

-“I’m interested to see whether these cameras will bring accountability," said Ivelisse Correa, CFO of BLM 860.

Correa said she is all for the city's decision to have every officer wear a body camera.

All hartford police officers now have body cameras and police officials said that is good for everyone.

“I feel like it’s long been overdue, the community has no trust in Hartford Police at the moment," she said.

Correa's thoughts follow what she says is a lack of the public getting a complete picture of police interactions.

"Every time there’s been some sort of body camera footage released we never get the full story anyways, we do need unedited access," she said.

“It backs up not only the individual or the victim says but it would back you up it’s like photographic documentation, most jobs like this if it’s not documented, then it didn’t happen," added Tammy R. Young, who lives in the city.

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