Hartford Ranks Among Worst State Capitals to Live In: Study

WalletHub has ranked all 50 state capitals from best to worst to live in, and the news isn’t looking good for Hartford.

Connecticut’s capital city ranked 49 out of 50 on the list.

The WallHub study looked at four key factors – affordability, economic well-being, quality of education and health, and quality of life, then broke it down further into metrics.

Based on the statistics presented, Hartford had the lowest median household income, highest unemployment rate, highest percent of population in poverty, and the second least affordable housing and second lowest percent of adults with bachelor’s degree or higher. Overall it ranked it at 49, just beating out Jackson, Miss. at number 50.

WalletHub said that the city that boasts the highest median household income, Juneau, Ala., came in at $66,009, 2.6 times higher than Hartford’s $25,065, when adjusted for cost of living.

Hartford was also drastically behind in its unemployment rate, coming in at the highest with a rate of 7.1 percent. The city with the lowest employment rate, Concord, NH, came in at a rate of just 2 percent.

Source: WalletHub

According to the analysis, the ten worst state capitals to live in are

  1. Jackson, MS
  2. Hartford, CT
  3. Trenton, NJ
  4. Montgomery, AL
  5. Carson City, NV
  6. Baton Rouge, LA
  7. Providence, RI
  8. Little Rock, AR
  9. Dover, DE
  10. Indianapolis, IN

In contrast, the ten best state capitals to live in are as follows.

  1. Austin, TX
  2. Boise, ID
  3. Bismarck, ND
  4. Lincoln, NE
  5. Madison, WI
  6. Montpelier, VT
  7. Concord, NH
  8. Raleigh, NC
  9. Salt Lake City, UT
  10. Cheyenne, WY
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