Hey You, Want to Buy a Plastic Bag?

How much do you like your plastic shopping bags? Are they worth, say five cents?

If they’re not, you might want to invest is your own shopping bag if a bill passes in the state House.

State Representative Maryanne “Annie” Hornish, D-Granby, is sponsoring a bill that would add a five-cent fee on plastic shopping bags that you get at retails stores.

Her goal is to cutback on plastic waste in landfills by discouraging you from putting your new shoes, shirt, pants or oranges in plastic. 

The Environment Committee is considering the bill.

Hornish said this bill would not only help the environment, but also reduce the use of oil because plastic products are made from a petroleum base.  

Some Connecticut towns considered banning plastic bags last year.

Seattle charges customers 20 cents per plastic bag and was the first U.S. city to impose this type of fee, called the “green tax.”

Massachusetts, California and Michigan are among other states considering plastic bag fees.

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