Pasha's Billboard-Sized Job Search

Woman buys space on a billboard to land a job

East Hampton’s Pasha Stocking knew she had to get a leg up to stand out among the rest of the growing unemployed.
Well, Stocking certainly got a leg up -- way up.

The 37-year-old reportedly spent up to $7,000 to plaster her mug for four consecutive weeks on a Bridgeport billboard alongside Interstate 95, the New Haven Register reports.

The billboard reads:

‘Hire Me!’
Unemployed and Seeking Employment

Stocking said she's using money she’d been saving to buy a home for the advertisement. She got the billboard idea from a man in Milwaukee who received several job offers after putting up a similar billboard.

Stocking chose the 14-foot by 48-foot billboard strategically because of its proximity to New York City, and high vulnerability for traffic jams.

Stocking, a single mother of three, said she is willing to relocate.

Her past job experience includes 17 years at New England Residential Services in Middletown as a residential manager, and one year at a crisis intervention firm in Middletown, where she was director of sales and marketing.

“It would be a huge risk for me and my family, but it had to be done,” Stocking said on her Web site. “I have three children to feed, I don’t know how to be unemployed, it's not working out for me not to work. I love to work.”

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