Grab Your Wallet Ice Cream Man Return to Stratford

vanessa brown
Morris County Prosecutor's Office

After years of hearing "you ain't got no ice cream," a 27-year ban on the all-American, summer staple is being lifted. Starting on Wednesday, July 14, ice cream trucks will be allowed to cruise the streets of Stratford.

Jason Santi, a freshman town councilman, told the Connecticut Post that he thought the ice cream truck embargo was town lore. He scoured decades-old record books recently and found the ban: stationary trucks hired to cater events are allowed, but mobile vending of frozen treats is forbidden. 

How un-American," he told the newspaper.

So last month, he approached the council with his findings and council members plan to repeal the ordinance. 

So how did the ordinance begin? Adam Bauer, chief of staff to Mayor John Harkins, told the paper it all depends on who you ask. 

"There are some people who are convinced a kid got hit by an ice cream truck and some people think that's an old wives tale," he said.  "It's one of those things that happened so long ago, so nobody really remembers."

The police department has already received 70 calls from vendors. They are working with the health department to draft an ice cream truck permit application.

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