Illegal Substances Seized From Bristol Store

 Working on a tip, the Bristol Police Department arrested two and seized several illegal items for sale at a local store.  

Police received information that illegal sales of controlled substances was taking place at Discount Tobacco, 123 Farmington Ave. in the Bristol Commons Plaza.

On Friday, March 28th, the Bristol Police along with the Connecticut Revenue Services and the Statewide Narcotics Task Force went to the store to perform an inspection.

After a thorough search of the store, a carton of untaxed Benson and Hedges cigarettes were located. Also located were two plastic bags containing numerous packages of a synthetic substance sold as incense. The packages were labeled “Not for Human Consumption.”

A total of 226 packages totaling 1,181.8 grams of product were seized with a resale value of $3,0604.74

According to narcotic investigators, the product is a substance that is smoked in order to obtain a high and is referred to as synthetic marijuana containing banned substances.

Police say that the packages are labeled with names such as "Mad Hatter", "Bizarro", "GS", "Juicy Herbs", and "Platinum Caution" to name a few. These substances create a euphoric affect when (smoked) by an individual and are illegal to possess.

The owner of the store, Sharjil Khan, told investigators that he had not sold the items since it became illegal. He said that he took the items off of his shelves and kept the remaining supply in the back of the store.

Investigators determined that the store was within 1500 feet of the Heritage Christian School on Lewis Ave and Khan was subsequently arrested.

Khan was charged with Possession Of A Controlled Substance, Possession Of A Controlled Substance With Intent To Sell and Possession Of A Controlled Substance Within 1500 Feet Of A School/Daycare.

He was released on a $5,000 non-surety bond. He is set to appear in Bristol court on April 14.

A total of 226 packages totaling 1,181.8 grams of product were seized with a resale value of $3,0604.74

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