Irish Not Amused By Norwich Cocktail's Name

It's made with Guinness, Bailey's Irish cream, and whiskey - a popular American drink called an 'Irish car bomb.'  Legend is that the drink was invented right here in Connecticut. Back in Ireland they're not amused.

The website Irish Central reports that victims groups of car bombs in Northern Ireland find the name of the drink offensive.  They say it trivializes the hundreds of people injured and killed in the explosions set off by Irish Republican Army

The group is calling for American bars to clamp down and stop the sales of the cocktail.  They compare 'Irish car bomb' to having a drink called the 'Al-Qaeda car bomb' or 'Twin Towers cocktail,' names they expect Americans would find equally offensive.

According to the website, the drink's roots date back 30 years to Wilson's Saloon in Norwich. Owner and bartender Charles Burke Cronin Oat was experimenting with drink mixes when he came up with the name.

'Irish car bomb' has extended beyond being a drink to cupcake and ice cream sundae recipes.  There's even a website dedicated to the name and the drink. 

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