Jennifer Dulos

Jennifer Dulos Disappeared Two Years Ago Today

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Two years have passed since Jennifer Dulos, a mom of five from New Canaan, disappeared.

She was last seen on May 24, 2019, when she dropped her children off at school in New Canaan that morning.

“Monday, May 24, marks the two-year milestone of the disappearance of Jennifer Farber Dulos, an extraordinary woman, a devoted mother and daughter, a brilliant writer, a true friend. We are moved by the continued interest in Jennifer’s case and by the concern for her children and family, all of whom are thankfully healthy and well,” a statement from Carrie Luft, issued on behalf of the family and friends of Jennifer Farber Dulos, says.

We are moved by the continued interest in Jennifer’s case and by the concern for her children and family, all of whom are thankfully healthy and well.

Carrie Luft

There has been no sign of Jennifer in the two years since she was reported missing. She is presumed dead.

Her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, was charged with the murder of Jennifer before taking his own life last year. He had maintained his innocence.

Fotis Dulos, and his then-girlfriend Michelle Troconis were first charged with tampering with evidence in connection with the disappearance of Jennifer and Troconis and Fotis Dulos' friend Kent Mawhinney, were later charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Troconis, and Mawhinney have also denied having anything to do with the disappearance of Jennifer.

Troconis was released from custody and the next court date listed for her is May 25.

Troconis' family released a statement on Monday:

"May 24th marks the two-year anniversary of the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. Our hearts go out to her family while we wait to learn what might have happened to her.

"But for our family, May 24th also marks the beginning of two years of injustice towards Michelle. Michelle is an amazing woman, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, who has been treated unfairly, contrary to what the American Justice System is supposed to be about: “With freedom and justice for all!” Michelle has been treated as if she were guilty from day one, with police, investigators, the media and members of the public ignoring the presumption of innocence that the United States Constitution claims to offer to all its citizens," the statement says, in part.

They said they will continue to support Michelle "during this most difficult time for our family and we trust that justice and her innocence will prevail in the end. It is just a matter of time."

Online court records say Mawhinney was also released and has a court date listed of July 27.

“Although this past year has understandably slowed the process, the investigation into Jennifer’s death and disappearance is ongoing. After the courts reopen, the two people charged with conspiracy to murder will stand trial. We remain extremely grateful to the Connecticut State Police, New Canaan Police, and other law enforcement organizations that have worked to bring closure to Jennifer’s case,” the statement goes on to say.

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