Keeping Kids Safe in High Temps

School’s out and kids are taking advantage by playing outside. But with temperatures in the 90’s here's what caregivers should know to make sure kids are safe from the high temps.

Nurses said to make sure children are well hydrated. Drinking even a small 4-ounce bottle of water every hour should do the trick. Hats and sunscreen helps to block out the sun. And make sure kids have some time in the shade to get out of direct sunlight.

"Water, water, water. Bring a water bottle, bring a big water bottle, and let them get in the water. Don't let them sit in the sun," said High Meadow Day Camp Director Ben Chaback.

Heat related illnesses takes many forms and parents and caregivers should look out for warning signs, according to High Meadow Day Camp Nurse Lori Hoover.

"A fast heart rate, maybe nausea, headache, dizziness. Those are signs we want to take alert to right away," said Hoover.

Temps are expected to remain high through the next few days with humidity increasing Thursday. While outdoor activities are fun, experts advise adults and children alike to stay hydrated, dress in light loose-fitting clothes, where hats, and limit time outdoors.

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