CT Gambles on Keno Being a Big Winner

The state of Massachusetts has raised nearly four-billion dollars over four years.  Maryland and New York have brought in more than two-billion dollars each during that same period of time.

These states passed legislation five years ago that allows Keno gambling in bars and restaurants.  Now, some Connecticut lawmakers, citing the state's huge budget deficits over the next two years, say we should be doing the same thing in this state.

Right now, serious discussions have been taking place at the state capitol.  Rep. Zeke Zalaski, (D) Southington, says the Connecticut Restaurant Association likes the idea, as do a number of legislators.  Still, there are some lawmakers who don't like the concept of  expanding gambling in the state.

There are also questions as to the compact the state has with the Indian tribes.  Would this violate that compact?  According to the Connecticut Division of Special Revenue, "DSR believes that state-authorized Keno wouldnot violate the agreements because it would be an extension of lottery products".    The tribes are expected to oppose the plan.

Zalaski says he hopes to get a bill before the legislature's Finance Committee as soon as possible, followed by a vote in the House and Senate.   Governor Rell proposed a similar plan earlier this session but withdrew it after the state received federal funds.

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