KeyBank in Coventry Closed for White Powder Investigation

KeyBank in Coventry will be closed until further notice as authorities work to investigate after white powder was found in an envelope left in the bank’s depository

KeyBank released a statement Monday morning, saying they are acting on the guidance of local authorities to keep the branch at 3534 Main St. in Coventry closed for an extended period. 

On Saturday morning, branch employees found white powder in an envelope that was left in the branch night depository. 

Police said the four employees who were exposed did not show any signs of being sick but were decontaminated. 

On Monday, police said they are not sure what the powder is and they are waiting for results from the state lab. 

KeyBank is working with local authorities and public health agencies to investigate the nature of the white powder and said they are choosing to err on the side of caution and with respect for any concerns of employees and clients who work in or use the branch. 

KeyBank clients can complete banking transactions at the following nearby branches: 

  • Storrs Branch, 596 Middle Turnpike, Storrs
  • Tolland Branch, 215 Merrow Road, Tolland
  • Columbia Branch, 164 Middletown Road, Columbia
  • Willington Branch, 11 Phelps Way, Willington 

Customers can also bank online or by telephone: 1-800-Key2You® (1-800-539-2968).

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