Konica Minolta to Move Out of Windsor Facility

Konica Minolta has announced plans to move out of its facility in Windsor.

In an email a company spokesperson confirmed the news to NBC Connecticut.

"Yesterday, we announced the beginning of our plans to transition our Windsor, CT facility. In the next 6-18 months, we plan to integrate employees into various existing Konica Minolta locations, including maintaining a location in Connecticut. Employees are being retained and have the option to relocate."

The company did not specify how many employees would be impacted.

An employee who spoke to NBC Connecticut said workers were told in a meeting yesterday the company would be consolidating its headquarters to its New Jersey location. They later received an internal memo detailing more about the move.

In the internal memo, Konica Minolta employees learned Wednesday that the company’s Windsor facility will be moving into the Ramsey, New Jersey location in the next 6 to 18 months.

Members of the business community are already bracing for a potential economic impact.

Jane Garibay, the executive director of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce, said the company’s potential departure will be felt both economically and throughout the community.

Garibay said the has been a big supporter of local organizations, and a more than two-decade run in the city included hosting a small business expo. 

"We just held our business expo there and that's where our little businesses get to go set up during lunch and Konica Minolta every year hosts one and their employees go down they end up using our businesses," Garibay explained.

For members of the Windsor business community like Michelle Gaudet, the move may mean less traffic on her morning commute but a potential economic hit for the city down the road.

"Definitely hurt the economy in this area because we all go out lunchtime and kind of visit shops and things like that," Gaudet said.

Konica Minolta told employees the move is to stimulate growth and create career opportunities for employees and community in New Jersey. The company told NBC Connecticut a formal announcement will come out in the next few weeks.

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