Lamont, Legislators Still Apart on Budget Deal

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Gov. Ned Lamont said Thursday he is working with legislators on finalizing a balanced budget.

"I can only support an honestly balanced budget that is in balance. A budget that takes care of group homes. A budget that doesn’t leave an enormous cliff in the out years,” Lamont said.

House Speaker Matt Ritter says it appears unlikely some proposed tax increases on the wealthy will appear in any final budget deal with Gov. Ned Lamont.

His comments on Wednesday come despite a strong push from progressive Democrats and their allies for a new “consumption tax” and capital gains tax on higher income taxpayers.

But Ritter says it appears likely the final budget will include a new $300-per-child tax credit for low-to-moderate-income families and a higher state Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income families. Also, he says there's likely more funding for mental health services and nursing homes.

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