Epic Storm Should Skirt Connecticut

Major storm will bury parts of the mid-Atlantic states....

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Epic. It's the only way to describe the latest in a series of storms to slam states including Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and even Delaware. But not in Connecticut.

While our winter here continues to under achieve, areas to our south have received almost three times their seasonal averages.

This storm has the potential to produce anywhere from 6 inches to a foot in central New Jersey and as much as two feet in the mountains of western Virginia and West Virginia. The same areas have been hit by two other decent storms in the last 10 days and a few others earlier this winter. The obvious issue for many of the communities there is that they are not equipped to deal with all this snow!!

Here in New England, we're being protected by a huge north Atlantic Ocean storm -- one that was modeled to be a "winter-cane" last night and today -- and a strong west to east jet stream in the atmosphere.

There are only a few signs of this pattern changing by Wednesday to allow for some precipitation to advance into our region. But, tune in on Monday from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. on that.  

This storm will garner major media coverage from our NBC affiliates from N.Y.C. on south to Raleigh, North Carolina. We will be following this storm right here on NBC Connecticut.com all weekend long.

You can follow the storm as it slams Washington D.C.

As you might expect, all travel, by planes, trains, and automobiles is seriously impacted by this storm. Call ahead to airports and train stations before commencing travel into the Philly, Baltimore, DC area.


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