Local “Hotspots” Help Kick Winter Blues

Some Connecticut hotspots are not only popular, they also offer welcome relief from some of the coldest temperatures of the season.

Over at West Hartford Yoga, a room is set near 90 degrees for customers just coming out of the cold.

“It is a mini getaway,” said Francesca Mancinone, of New Britain. “Sometimes I say to myself, 'I need yoga today,' not necessarily for my mind but to warm up.”

Sweating for any reason other than shoveling is a trade many will take after countless attempts at keeping walkways and driveways clear.

The heated pool at Healthtrax in Newington is becoming increasingly popular.

“The pool right now is set to 86, the Jacuzzi is 103 degrees, so we have a lot of people getting in the water and warming up,” said Healthtrax manager Jason Otash.

Brian Conneely, of Wethersfield, is one of them. He said getting into the water is almost like “getting into summer.”

“This is like taking a short trip to Florida without having to get on a plane or travel,” said Conneely.

Restaurants like Lena’s in Hartford are serving up warm dishes to help patrons kick the winter woes.

“Nothing is better than a nice homemade soup,” said customer Zoraida Ricciardi.

Everyone knows there's no substitute for summer, but for now these places might be as close as it gets.

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