Long Lines at Bradley Airport

The planes at Bradley Airport were de-iced and ready to go but many of the passengers to ride on them were stuck.

Long lines at ticket booths and the security check –in caused many travelers to miss their flights.

Some had planned their trips for today, others were trying to reschedule flights that were canceled due to the snow.

Some travelers say they waited over two hours to try and check in for their flight and by the time they got to the front of the line, they were told it was too late to make the trip.

Others who were trying to re-book flights that were canceled or delayed found that there was no room on any outgoing flights.

“Our cruise was going to Jamaica, St Martin,” said Charles Eskett, of Ware, MA. “We’re going home, the vacation is over.”

Bradley Airport officials said that they only had two canceled flights this morning and they were dealing with delays that they hoped would subside by tonight.

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