Looking for Amor

Steve Covault

State Police Lt. Paul Vance decided not to audition for Survivor, but that doesn't mean that Connecticut isn't being properly represented in the world of reality television. 

New Haven alderwoman is off to Los Angeles to appear on a popular Telemundo dating show, The New Haven Register reports.. 

Migdalia Castro, who also works communications director for Hancock Pharmacy in Fair Haven, is set to compete in "12 Corazones," which means 12 Hearts in English. Castro is one of five contestants selected from auditions in New England to appear on the show. 

Here's how "12 Corazones" works. Each show has 12 contestants (hence the 12) competing for love (hence the corazones). Each contestant represents a sign of the zodiac. 

During the show, contestants are guided through a series of games, conversations and role-playing scenarios to determine who is a good match. There's even an astrologer on the show to make sure potential couples have compatible signs. If you're keeping score at home, Migdalia is a Taurus.

Castro, who is 45, told the Register that during her auditions, she was pushed out of her comfort zone with questions about who she would like to date and what she would do if she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. 

Despite her discomfort, it seems Castro sufficiently impressed the producers, who said they were looking for someone spontaneous and fun. 

Still, Castro isn't banking on the show to find the love of her life. 

"It’s a matching game, so I really believe that I am going to go and enjoy myself,” she said. “If it happens, great. But I am just going to have fun.”

Castro's daughter, Leididiana Ortega, said even if she doesn't find love, "12 Corazones" is a chance for her normally shy mom to do something a little out of character. 

“I think what counts is the ride, the experience. And if she does, hey, more power to her. I hope she does,” she said.

Castro flies to Los Angeles to tape the show on March 29. The show airs at the end of April. 

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