Officials Warn of Fake Tickets Ahead of Luke Bryan Concert

Thousands will flock to Hartford on Saturday as country megastar Luke Bryan takes the stage, and Hartford police are urging concert-goers to be on the lookout for ticket scams.

Just last month, police arrested two people in West Springfield for allegedly selling fake Luke Bryan tickets on an online ad site.

At least four residents fell victim to the scam, one of whom lost more than $600, according to police.

The vice president of Ticket Network, Jay Mullarkey, examined a copy of one of the fake tickets and said the clue was in the performance list: one of the names printed did not appear on a real ticket.

With such subtle signs, how can you snag a seat and stay safe?

According to Mullarkey, the first step is to always purchase tickets with a credit card, which will protect you much better than cash. Secondly, never buy from someone you don’t know.

“We always say you should buy wether from the box office or from a reputable seller,” said Mullarkey.

Hartford police Deputy Chief Brian Foley echoes this sentiment. Even though police will be on the lookout for faulty transactions, there are no guarantees.

“On scene, there’s not much an officer can do. He’s trying to maintain security at the concert; he’s not prepared to do a fraud investigation,” said Foley.

Other recommendations include looking for barcodes and correct spelling. The analysis may sound tedious, but it could save you big bucks and a big headache.

If you're afraid this cuts your chances of seeing the stars, there's still hope.

“Stay smart about it," Mullarkey said. "There are still lawn seats available and a chance to see the show.”

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