Malloy a Factor in Local Races

For local races across Connecticut, a prominent name and face is showing up on campaign mail and he's not even up for reelection.

Republicans across Connecticut are using Governor Dannel Malloy as a wedge in races for mayor, first selectmen, and town councils statewide.

“From my perspective we have some of the best ammunition in the state and that’s Dan Malloy" said JR Romano, the Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party.

On one mailer distributed by Haddam Republicans, there's an image of the governor with a caption that he "turned the lights out on GE."

Democrats say Republicans are wasting their money. Nick Balletto, the Democratic Party Chairman in Connecticut says voters are well-informed and know the difference between state and local politics and issues.

“Local elections are really about your policemen, your firemen, your board of education and your local trash pickup and what’s taking place in your own town and how low are your taxes" Balletto said. "That’s what people are concerned about.”

Balletto says voters in towns across Connecticut look at issues and candidates individually and not necessarily in tandem with the governor.

“I think the Republicans are spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of money and are trying to tie the governor in on issues that don’t make sense.”

Romano predicts that the race for First Selectman in Fairfield could turn into a referendum based on the state's handling of General Electric. The corporate giant employs 800 people in the state and has threatened to leave over increased business taxes, something the governor has proposed changing in the past week.

“The fact that GE is going to be leaving specifically because of what the governor has done to them, you know, it’s going to have an impact for that municipal race" Romano said.

He even accused Fairfield’s Democratic First Selectman as "leading from behind" on the GE issue.

Romano predicted that Malloy will continue to be used by Republicans in legislative races next year as the party attempts to win back a chamber in the General Assembly.

He predicts voters will respond.

“At the end of the day they’re going to realize that milk is more expensive, their electricity is more expensive. They’re paying higher prices for everything. The only thing that’s not larger is their paycheck.”

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