Westfield Trumbull Mall

Man Accused of Taking Inappropriate Photos of Young Girl at Trumbull Mall: Police


A man has been arrested after being accused of taking inappropriate photographs of a young girl as he sat across from her at the Westfield Trumbull Mall, according to police.

Trumbull Police said 55-year-old Kenneth Soto from Bridgeport was taken into custody on April 15 after another person witnessed him using his cellphone to take inappropriate pictures of the young girl as he sat across from her at a table in the food court.

According to authorities, officers were called to investigate Soto for videotaping the young girl, as he angled himself to view under her clothing.

While doing so, police said Soto used his hand to cover the screen of his phone to make it less visible to other people as he zoomed in closer to her.

Police said Soto then left the area, took off his top layer of clothing, and put a face mask on to alter his appearance. The person who witnessed the incident was able to identify Soto and point him out to authorities, police said.

The young girl was no longer at the scene and her identity is unknown at this time.

Soto faces charges including voyeurism with malice and breach of peace. Police said he has been detained in the hospital for several days due to medical emergencies while remaining under police custody.

Soto was held on a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on April 29.

Police said Soto also has a history of various charges since 1983 and has a separate court date on April 25.

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