Medical Marijuana Patients Can Increase Monthly Allowance

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Connecticut’s nearly 54,000 medical marijuana patients were able to start growing their own cannabis earlier this month and now they will be able to buy more cannabis from a dispensary. 

“There are many patients who utilize cannabis on a daily basis and sometimes in pretty substantial amounts to help control the symptoms,” Kebra Smith-Bolden, CEO of Canna Health and a registered nurse, says.

Smith-Bolden says patients can build up a tolerance. 

“There may be a need for increased amounts to help manage symptoms,” Smith-Bolden says. 

The Department of Consumer Protection increased the amount from 2.5 to 3 ounces per month. It won’t be taxed like recreational cannabis which is legal now but won’t be available for purchase until 2022. 

“We have 18 dispensaries facilities which are serving our medical patients and they can deliver,” DCP Commissioner Michelle Seagull says. 

Seagull says none of the dispensaries have applied for delivery service. 

“There’s a lot of people in Connecticut with some seriously debilitating conditions who are benefitting from this medical program,” Seagull says. 

“Most of our patients do not come in and use their whole allotment. They spread it over the course of the month,” Richard Carbray, CEO of Fine Fettle, says. 

Carbray, who runs the dispensary says there will be enough product to handle the increase. 

“I think the state is being smart and increasing it slightly now before the adult-use program comes in because they really want to protect the medical patient,” Carbray says. 

He expects the amount to go up to 5 ounces at some point for medical patients. 

The state is also now allowing patients to use any of the 18 dispensaries throughout the state. They used to have to choose one. 

“We haven’t been given a whole lot of information about how we can go about that,” Adam Lewis, a patient of Fine Fettle, says. 

Lewis has been coming to Fine Fettle for a year. 

“We’re not a bunch of dopers running around getting stoned. There are cancer patients walking in here, there are people who have to send their caregivers in because the only way they can get help is through medical marijuana,” Lewis says.

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