Meriden Community Remembers Mom Found Dead in Waterbury

Meriden community members came together to remember one of their own on Saturday night.

Perrie Mason’s remains were found in Waterbury this week after she was reported missing Sunday.

Her ex-boyfriend Jason Watson, of Meriden, is considered a prime suspect in the case. He is currently in jail accused of strangling her last week, just days before her disappearance.

Mason's family said the single mother of two boys moved to Connecticut from Hawaii about a year ago to get a fresh start. Saturday evening, the community gathered with her 11 and 12-year-old sons outside her eyelash salon on Main Street.

“Look at her pictures, they describe her perfectly. She was a beautiful soul, always smiling,” said Mason’s sister Voa Horlback.

Mason’s family flew in from all over the country when the 31-year-old went missing.

Her sister says justice for Perrie right now means getting her boys back into the loving arms of family. “I know case workers are doing their job and I appreciate them for that, but at this time the kids need to be with their family.”

Mason’s sons are currently in state custody, as Horlback fights to get them into her care, a process she’s told could take up to six months. “They ask me every day do we get to stay with you today, do we get to stay with you today? I’m glad that they let them come out for their mother’s vigil,” she said.

At the vigil, Meriden’s mayor vowed to make some calls to try and help. “It’s gut wrenching and I said it, we grieve as a community,” said Mayor Kevin Scarpati.

Vigil organizers didn’t know Perrie, but they want to show her family Meriden cares and that there are resources out there for those suffering from domestic violence.

“Don’t suffer in silence and don’t let your kids go through it because at the end of the day now, you know, her kids lost a mother and his kids lost a father because he’s in jail,” said organizer Ashley Ramos, a domestic violence survivor herself.

Perrie’s ex-boyfriend, a suspect in her death, is currently behind bars for domestic violence charges. He has not been charged in her disappearance.

At the vigil, his family stood side by side with hers to remember someone who brought so much light to their lives, especially to her two sons. “Hug your kids,” said her sister. “Her favorite pastime in Hawaii was to go to the beach, you didn’t have to do anything special, just spend time and that’s what she’d want everybody to take away from this.”

The police investigation into her death continues.

The cause of her death has not been released.

If you or someone you know is in a domestic violence situation, there is help available. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

The 24-hour Statewide, Toll Free Domestic Violence Hotline is 888-774-2900 (English) or 844-831-9200 (Español).

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