Middletown Father Accused of Throwing Son off Bridge Takes Stand at Trial

Tony Moreno claims he didn't mean to kill his son and that he dropped him by accident

It was an emotional day in court in the trial of a Middletown father accused of throwing his son off the Arrigoni Bridge.

Tony Moreno took the stand for the second time Friday.

During Friday's testimony, prosecutors displayed text messages between Moreno and his ex-girlfriend, the child’s mother. They were exchanged the night their 7-month-old Aaden died after falling from the bridge.

Moreno said he planned to kill himself and not his son. He said he texted his son’s mother to upset her, including texts saying things like.

"You tried to keep him away from me you failed. I didn't,” and "He's dead." "And soon I will be too."

Attorneys said Moreno also wrote a suicide letter in an email addressed to “Everyone” with the subject line “I’m sorry.”

The prosecution alleges that Moreno threw Aaden from the Arrigoni Bridge into the Connecticut River 90 feet below while Aaden’s mother, unaware, continued to plead for their son’s safety.

"You made Aaden disappear didn't you?” Moreno was asked.

“Inadvertently yes,” he replied.

Moreno claims Aaden slipped from his arms but prosecutors said the text messages tell a different story.

Moreno jumped from the bridge in a suicide attempt when approached by police that night and was pulled out of the river by rescuers. The trial continues on Tuesday. 

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