Milford Expecting Flooding During Strong Storm

The City of Milford was under a coastal flooding advisory as a storm moved in Wednesday evening,

Milford residents and Public Works employees had to deal with street flooding even before the high winds and rain rolled in Wednesday afternoon.

City of Milford highway foreman Thomas Hunt said the afternoon high tide was about a foot higher than usual. Workers had to barricade some areas.

Residents like Kris Marinelli moved his car as a precaution. He said he’s lost one in flooding on Point Beach Drive before.

Locals said they love living in Milford when it’s beautiful out, but Mother Nature can be a beast.

What you need to know about a bomb cyclone.

“Oh it’s beautiful, especially 4th of July. It’s gorgeous. It is. It is beautiful growing up here. But yeah, flooding sucks. You got to get a boat. Would nice if you had a house boat you could just float around.”

Public Works also had a street sweeper comb many of the city underpasses that tend to flood to help clear the leaves from the basin tops.

Hunt is asking residents to help them out by clearing nearby basins they may not have been able to get to since we’re told there’s 6,000 of them around the city.

In preparation for the storm, DPW workers also sharpened their saws, started up their chippers, and checked on their bucket trucks, so they are ready to respond if need be.

“Hopefully the storm doesn’t get as powerful as they say it’s going to get. Right now one of the problems is the leaves are still on the trees. With that in mind, what can happen with the rain and the wind the combination, so we could have some trees that come down,” said Hunt.

If you have damage to report within the city, Milford DPW said give them a call. If it is an emergency call 911.

The same advice usually applies in most Connecticut towns and cities.

And while it seems obvious, even in his 20 plus year career, Hunt urges people to not go through flood waters. He said you are risking your life and it endangers first responders too.

Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan expects the overnight high tide to cause flooding issues too as the storm strengthens.

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