Milford Preps for Potential Major Snow Storm

While snow has been the major buzz for the past week, areas along the shoreline are also looking at the possibility of coastal flooding and damaging winds. Milford officials and residents alike explained how they're preparing for the weekend ahead.

"We're taking precautions, we're working with our emergency management folks as well as our public works department to address it to prepare for it" says Mayor of Milford, Benjamin Blake.

While residents in Milford are no stranger to coastal flooding, the fire department still takes extra precautions when it comes to keeping residents safe.

Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi, from
the Milford Fire Dept. explains,
"An early warning to them is probably our best ally. We do have what's called an everbridge system where we can target a specific area and automatically send out a pre recorded phone call to each individual residents notifying them hey expect higher than normal tides take appropriate actions whether you need to leave the residence or move your car to higher ground"

Along with coastal flooding, the threat for snow accumulation up to 6 inches also leads to trouble for shoreline residents.

"Our concern becomes possible old or weakened structures if a structure doesn't seem safe to you we ask you don't enter it. Removing snow from your roof is best left to a professional" says Fabrizi.

And if you do lose power during the storm and need to use a generator..

"We ask that you do it safely and you run that generator in a safe location away from your residence and also used in conjunction with carbon monoxide detectors in your home" says Fabrizi.

While many preparations are already underway....Augustine Cofrancesco, a New Haven resident is not concerned.....

"I'm predicting one inch so I'm not doing anything at this point but if my prediction is wrong then I'm gunna be in trouble"

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