Movie Magic Comes to Torrington

Orville Matherson brings 'A Dance for Grace' crew to the Warner

The streets of Torrington will be transformed into a "town in turmoil" Monday when an independent film company starts shooting scenes for "A Dance For Grace."

The movie is set in a small town in Georgia but it will be filmed outside the historic Warner Theatre, where it is much colder than anywhere in Georgia in January.

The film tells the story of a group of mostly Caucasian high school students living in a small rural town who decide to enter a dance competition, in the hopes of using the prize money to fund a life-saving operation required by one of their town's most revered citizens - a middle-aged woman named Grace, the Jamaica Observer reports.

Main Street was scheduled to be shut down in front of the Warner until early afternoon Monday so Jamaican-born actor and film producer Orville Matherson and his crew can do their work. Drivers will be detoured onto Prospect Street.

Mayor Ryan Bingham is getting into the action. He'll have a small speaking part in the film.

The production company claims that the follows in the tradition of other such coming of age dance films as Footloose, Saturday Night Fever and Save The Last Dance. We’re not sure about that. See the clip for yourself on Tower Isle Productions’ Web site.

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