NBC Connecticut Responds Recovers Quarter-Million Dollars for Viewers

NBC Connecticut Responds has recovered a quarter of a million dollars and counting for residents looking to resolve consumer problems.

Since the New Year’s Day, we’ve received about 16 complaints a day from NBC Connecticut viewers and have helped them reclaim $254,811.

NBC Connecticut is the only local television station with a dedicated Consumer team, working to resolve your problems and save you money.


Dr. Matthew Blondin and his wife Audrey were one of those calls. The couple hit a little turbulence with American Airlines and reached out to NBC Responds for assistance.

For 17 years, the Torrington optometrist has been providing charity eye care mission to Nicaragua, but his January trip hit a snag when a staff member canceled unexpectedly, leaving Blondin with an extra ticket worth $1,272.

The airline told him it was their policy that expensive ticket could not be refunded or transferred.

"It would be one thing if we were maybe on vacation. But this is part of a charity mission,” Blondin of Blondin Shea Eyecare said.

That’s until NBC Connecticut Responds contacted the company.

As a result, American Airlines agreed to make an exception as a gesture of goodwill, canceling the reservation and authorizing a $1,272 refund.

"We were getting absolutely nowhere until we got a hold of you guys,” Blondin said.

Blizzard Almost Blew Out Her Budget

January’s blizzard could have cost an Ellington woman a lot of money.

Mary Kay had five tickets to the Broadway show, “Book of Mormon.” But when the weather turned treacherous, Kay took New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s advice and canceled her trip to the city to stay at home in Connecticut.

She was denied when she requested a refund from the Good Seat Tickets website, where she bought the tickets.

According to the company’s policy, refunds or exchanges will only be issued if the performance is canceled. Kay firmly believed it wasn’t safe to travel and asked NBC Connecticut Responds for help.

After we explained the situation to the ticket reseller, the company agreed it was a special case and offered Kay the choice of either getting a new set of tickets or a full refund. She chose the refund and now has $1,265 back in her pocket.


Mark Mercier was literally in the dark at his Windsor home after his utility company turned off his electric for a past due bill.

Mercier admitted he had been juggling a considerable amount of bills and forgot to open the one with the electric shut-off notice.

Then, before he could pay it, the next Eversource electric bill arrived totaling $156, including the $266 that was past due and a $355 reconnection fee.

Mercier ended up forking over more than $700.

He connected NBC Connecticut responds because the temperatures were dropping to nearly 10 degrees that night and the company said it couldn’t reconnect him until the next day.

NBC Responds reached out to Eversource on his behalf. A technician turned Mercier’s electric back on that evening and the company reimbursed him that $355 fee.

"They were great and they said we're going to give you your deposit back, we understand that you need it. Would they have done it if you hadn't called? I don't know but boy, I'm sure glad you did,” Mercier said.

There is a winter moratorium for turning off the electricity for people in need, but it’s not automatic. You can request it if you meet certain eligibility requirements.

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