New Grocery Store to Open in Hartford

A new grocery store is opening on Wednesday in downtown Hartford. 

The Greenway Market, at 71 Asylum Street, will provide traditional grocery store food, including fresh produce and meats, and it will also offer a juice bar, salad bar and made-to-order sandwiches. 

The owner said that for every conventional item, there will be an organic option at or near the same price. 

Some Hartford residents said this will help them stay healthy since downtown Hartford is mostly filled with corner stores and fast food chains. 

"If I have a dollar, I am not going to go to the store and get an 88-cent banana at the corner store because it is more expensive than the 25-cent chips. I am going to get the four bags of the 25-cent chips because I am hungry. But it is not healthy for me, so the fact that they are putting a store here, that is incredible," Angelyca Mims, of Hartford, said. 

The last grocery store to open in downtown Hartford was The Market at Hartford 21, but it closed in December 2011 after a nine-month run.

Residents are hoping The Greenway Market is here to stay. 

"Hopefully it stays here long to help the people that actually live downtown because they have nothing down here,” Rhonda Franklin, of Hartford, said. 

"I hope they do well. I think it is a good location for them. Asylum Street is nice and busy, especially during the day, so it will be great," said Aaron Goldenthal, who works next door at the Camera Bar.

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