New Haven Considers New System of Unlocking Booted Cars

 Tow trucks and metal boots on ticketed cars are dreaded sights for drivers in New Haven.

This week the Director of Transportation, Traffic and Parking Department Doug Housladen floated the idea of hiring a company that allows the driver to unlock a boot on a ticketed car after paying through a customer call center.

City officials stress this proposal is still in its early stages.

“Have you ever been booted or towed down here in New Haven?” NBC Connecticut asked Bethlyz Andino from Hamden.

“I have a few years back,” she said.

“Yes, we have, quite a few times actually,” Brian Angelucci of New Haven said.

The last time Angelucci’s car was ticked was after going out to eat in downtown.

“There was a truck or something that was there and we didn’t see the sign and we came out,” he said, “and it was just a nightmare for anybody.”

Angelucci said he would support a new method of being able to unlock his booted car.

“To not be booted is the best idea but if that was the case, I think it’s better than having to call somebody and wait, it could be raining it could be snowing,” Angelucci said.

This would not get you out of paying the ticket, but you would either wait half an hour for the company to pick up the boot or return it within three days.

“Would you support an idea like that?” NBC Connecticut asked Andino, after she parked on Church St.

“Absolutely,” she said, “it’s much easier I would think.”

In Wooster Square, the first Friday of the month means no parking for street sweeping, but there was still a line of tow trucks out to remove cars that shouldn’t have been parked where they were.

“What’s worse, getting booted or towed?” NBC Connecticut asked Angelucci.

“Towed,” he said, “Yeah, towed”

City officials have yet to file a request for proposal to move forward with this change to booting a ticketed car.

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