New Haven: Greatest Small City in America

There’s a hashtag that’s making its way through New Haven, hoping residents notice all the city has to offer.

#GSCIA stands for "Greatest Small City in America." You may have seen it scrolling through your social media news feeds. While the hashtag isn’t trending yet, it’s reached more than 76,000 users.

Users who search the hashtag can see images and videos portraying music festivals, architecture, shopping and food served up at local restaurants.

"We’ll use that in order to promote our product and tell others who are thinking about coming to New Haven to search that hashtag and see what’s going on," said Chris Candito, co-owner of Temple Grill.

The hashtag was started by Business New Haven and was adopted by city residents.

"There's just always something going on in New Haven and that’s how the hashtag started. Just a way to promote all these things and tie it together," said Lindsey Burke, promotions director for Town Green New Haven.

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