New Haven Plows Hit the Roads for Round Two

New Haven's plow trucks were out in force Monday, pairing up with independent contractors to go over the streets early as another round of snow blanketed the state.

Amado's Landscaping wasn't waiting for the snow and sleet to move out to start tackling parking lots on Monday. Instead, the plow truck hit the pavement and the shovels hit the sidewalks, trying to keep on top of the snow and ahead of the ice.

“When the sleet came – when we see water coming down – there wasn't a lot of it, but you put the plows up, because you don't want bare pavement and then you get that ice that occurs underneath and it's treacherous to drive on,” said New Haven’s Deputy Emergency Management Director Rick Fontana.

The plows will be putting salt and sand down overnight Monday into Tuesday.

However, just like during the last storm, New Haven officials said residents need to do their part by obeying the parking ban that was put into effect early Monday morning. As of noon Monday, the city had already towed more than 300 cars.

“Can't get the streets clear with people on them,” said Fontana.

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp said it's imperative to clear the roads as quickly as possible, especially with temperatures expected to drop Monday night.

“I'm hoping that when people get home, they stay home, and they really stay off the streets until this storm passes,” said Harp.

New Haven’s parking ban is in effect until further notice. The downtown portion of the parking ban will expire at 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

The city says it is monitoring the situation, and New Haven Public Schools will make a decision about school closures or delays Tuesday morning at 5 a.m.

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