New Haven Police Crack Down on Downtown Violence

A surge in violence at downtown New Haven nightclubs has prompted police to step up patrols this weekend.

Two recent shootings and a number of fights have spurred a police crackdown as authorities work to keep the area safe.

Police said they are also keeping an eye out for underage drinking and building code violations at the nightlife hot spots that have been identified as problem areas.

“There is a common denominator to violence and the clubs downtown, and that common denominator is hip-hop promotions,” said New Haven police spokesman Officer David Hartman.

Business owners say they’re concerned the violence is keeping people away from the downtown area.

“Unfortunately, things happen in the clubs, and then it spills out onto the streets,” said local bar owner Patrick Hogan. “It does affect our business because it deters the law-abiding citizen from coming down.”

Hogan and other say they welcome the increased police presence. They say the area is generally safe, but a small number of people are causing trouble for everyone.

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