New Primary Set to Break Tie in Killingworth Election

Two of the four candidates received 236 votes.

Voters will return to the polls in Killingworth on Oct. 1 to again vote for the third candidate for board of finance.

Republican candidates David Denvir and Robert Rioja both received 236 votes in the Sept. 10 primary, a recount has confirmed, according to the Secretary of the State’s office, so there will be an “adjourned primary” next month.

Denvir and Rioja were two of the four candidates running for three available seats on the Board of Finance.

Two other candidates in the primary each received more votes and will advance to the general election on November 5. 

“Tie votes are rare but they do happen,” Secretary of the State, Denise Merrill, said in a statement.  “According to our state laws, the adjourned tie-breaker primary in Killingworth will take place Tuesday October 1st to determine the third winner in the Board of Finance primary in Killingworth, who will go onto the ballot for the November 5th municipal election. This should serve as a good reminder why it is so important that everyone who is eligible cast a ballot – since every vote truly does count and just one vote can make a big difference!”

Only the names of the tied candidates will be on the ballot for the adjourned primary, which will be open to Republican voters in Killingworth who were registered to vote in the September primary. 

Any new Republican voters who have registered after noon on Monday September 9, 2013 will not be eligible to vote in the adjourned primary.

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