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Niantic Fire Chief Resigns Amid Questions About Unaccounted for Town Funds

The Niantic Fire Chief has resigned amid questions over unaccounted for town funds, according to East Lyme First Selectman Mark Nickerson.

Chief Steve Wargo submitted his resignation mid-week, Nickerson said. The town has since pulled records and paperwork that will be handed over to East Lyme Police with the intent to launch an investigation.

Nickerson said representatives from Niantic Fire Department Incorporated notified him of possible discrepancies with time cards and payroll, which Wargo oversees.

The Niantic Fire Department is made up of full-time, part-time and volunteer positions. The chief is not a paid position, Nickerson said, but Wargo was paid for being a part-time firefighter.

Wargo is barred from any fire shifts pending the investigation.

Since the resignation, Nickerson said the town has already changed how time cards are reported for the department, implementing a back-up system that requires multiple signatures and verification.

John Dwire will take over as acting chief.

Wargo is also a lieutenant with the New London Fire Department and is not responsible for payroll there.

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